CUA Conference

UX Meeting the Demands of the Times

May 07, 2021  9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Central Time

Thank you for attending the CUA Conference!

We were fortunate to hear from seasoned UX professionals and thought leaders who've been driving forward  large-scale UX practices and meeting the demands of the times. They shared their insights from years of experience in our exploding field. 

You'll find links to the speaker's presentations and videos below their photos. 



Human Factors International

Co-Founder & Chief of Technical Staff

Field Technology Product Consultant III, Securities America

Human Factors International

Founder & CEO


VP of Experience Design, 

Laughlin Constable

Marc Majers

XD Director, 

Capital One

Lead User Experience, 

Progressive Insurance


Tony Turner

Senior Creative Director, 

State Farm Insurance

Lead User Experience,

Progressive Insurance

Experience Architect, 

WeirdGuy Creative

Acting Chief, Solutions Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Director of Design Strategy, 


UX Manager, 

Alkami Technologies

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